Team Registration Process

Be an OYSA Sanctioned Team

You need to be an OYSA sanctioned team to participate in the MVSL. If you are not an OYSA sanctioned team, you have the option to register your team through the Keizer Soccer Club. Click here to contact OYSA

Register your team into the MVSL

Your club registrar or administrator will need to register your team into the MVSL using the Affinity Sports. MVSL Spring 2016 Registration

Submit Field Availability Form

If you are a non Keizer Soccer Club team and have a home soccer field. Your club administrator will need to submit an online Field Availability Form. This needs to be submitted at the time of registration. Click here to submit your form.

Submit Schedule Request Forms

Your team will need to submit a Schedule Request Form, if your team has any special scheduling requests. Administrators or coaches can make this request. Click here for submit your form.

Contact the League Director

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Salvo, the league director at 503.409.9074 or